THE HUG was founded to promote cultural and relations of cooperation between Spain and different countries, with the aim of creating collaborative networks. This will be achieved thanks to the involvement of institutions, associations, platforms and collective cultural and social, public and private. Thus, the goal is the establishment of professional, participatory, transparent and stable structures within the cultural sector. With these new structures are to promote contemporary cultural practices that encourage creation, research, education, editing and production in the  fields of Visual Arts, architecture and design.

THE HUG seeks to enrich the cultural and social fabric by promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences from the dialogue of different communities in artistic and social citizenship.


THE HUG, proposes plan of activities in which is expressed its spirit: develop a cultural mediation to counseling, consulting, research, training and development of artistic and social projects.

It’s about to build a true artistic and cultural community beyond borders and create a strong and lasting bond between Spain and the rest of the world through culture.

To do this, THE HUG designs and manages professional integration, artistic education and cultural exchange programs.

It is a plan of complete immersion in the artistic context in different cities to strengthen ties among the agents of today’s art, focusing on the idea of participation and networking. These ties cannot be ephemeral, they must to be extended in time and sounds and stables for future collaborative work.

This is possible because THE HUG based their main effort in the organization of residencies, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, meetings and other cultural events. The idea is to welcome, to show and collaborate professionally but also personally.

All this is accompanied by documentation, dissemination and communication of social and cultural projects through by creating files, publishing and digital tools.

These activities will be based on the respect for the code of good professional practices and promote equal opportunities, social inclusion and gender equality.