THE HUG seeks to enrich the cultural and social fabric by promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences from the dialogue of different communities in artistic and social citizenship. THE HUG, proposes a plan of activities in which is expressed its spirit: to develop cultural mediation by counseling, consulting, researching, training and developing artistic and social projects.
Our purpose is to build a true artistic and cultural community beyond borders and create a strong and lasting bond between Spain and the rest of the world through culture.
In order to do this, THE HUG designs and manages professional integration, artistic education and cultural exchange programs. It is a plan of complete immersion in the artistic context in different cities to strengthen ties among the agents of today’s art, focusing on the idea of participation and networking. These ties cannot be ephemeral, they must to be extended in time and sounds and stables for future collaborative work.
This is possible because THE HUG based their main effort in the organization of residencies, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, meetings and other cultural events. The idea is to welcome, to show and collaborate professionally but also personally.
All this is accompanied by documentation, dissemination and communication of social and cultural projects through by creating files, publishing and digital tools. These activities will be based on the respect for the code of good professional practices and promote equal opportunities, social inclusion and gender equality.

Proyecto Linkkia
Linkkia is a cooperation program between cultural agents based in Spain and Finland, specifically designed for emerging professionals within the arts and culture. It was founded as the answer of THE HUG to the limited and insufficient artistic and cultural relationship between Spain and Finland. Linkkia is presented as an immersion program in the cultural context of Madrid, adapted according to the creative, professional and personal interests of each resident. This will be possible because the program offers visits to different institutions, associations, and/ or groups where you can see, know and feel the Madrid contemporary cultural context, creating an important exchange of knowledge, experiences and creative interests. Linkkia’s aim is to build an artistic and creative network through the cultural exchange, with  the focus on creating strong and lasting links between the North and South of the European  Union. Linkkia program was presented in February 2014 at Arco Madrid, We Traders – Matadero  Madrid. It was part of the experimental training platform Laboratorio intransit at Complutense University of Madrid.


◉ The participants will have a facility and an effective immersion in creative, in artistic, creative and social contexts of different cities in Spain and Finland.

◉ To provide participants with professional contacts, access to networks and resources to carry out work of collaboration and production with the local scene, mainly focus at Hortaleza neightborhood (Madrid, Spain), where THE HUG residency is based.

◉ Organize meetings with agents professional, individual and collective, residents in the cities to create a cultural exchange channel.

◉ To achieve these relations to go on in time, creating ties stable and long-lasting, useful for the development of future projects.

In the first phase, the Linkkia program presents the possibility of having a work space at THE HUG residency, where the resident(s) may develop an idea or project, which may be presented publicly at the end of their stay. This can happen also in reverse, i. e., make an exhibition to the arrival of the artist in Madrid. In addition, THE HUG will give a planning with different visits or activities, a Madrid map and a small file with important information (along with the travel itinerary, which will be sent days before the arrival in Madrid). The lodging and the mediation work is performed according to the program designed by THE HUG.
In the second phase of the program a bi-directional dynamic will be activated, allowing the emerging cultural agents of Spain to move to Helsinki for the immersion program, adapted to the institutions and Finnish local agents. In a third phase, the project will provide cultural agents from the two countries the possibility of participating in the programs that will be developed in other cities of Spain and Finland, thus moving from Madrid and Helsinki, to know what is happening in other cities. For example in Spain, Bilbao, Barcelona and Seville. The selection of candidates will be made by a technical Committee, composed of specialists in Visual Arts in Spain and Finland, which will assess nominations submitted to an open call that would be created for this purpose. prueba2


◉ LINKKIA JOHANNA ALANKO, you can see the publication by clicking here

◉ LINKKIA MUSTARINDA, you can see the publication by clicking here

Linkkia started its first phase in 2014 with its first residence, which has been called “Linkkia beta”. The program has been presented in February on the occasion of ARCO Madrid #focusfinland, where Linkkia hosted Mustarinda (14\/02\/2014-22\/02\/2014). Mustarinda is a Finnish non-profit association created in 2010. Under ecological and cultural principles, its goals are to promote the values and the style of sustainable living, ecological diversity and culture and the status of the different disciplines of art and science, especially of contemporary art. Its lines of work are based on research and the artistic education with a critical and independent character. Develop their activities at Mustarinda House (Paljakka Natural Park), where they develop exhibitions, cultural activities and artistic research residencies. On the occasion of them stay in Madrid and being part of the #focusfinland program, Mustarinda made an exhibition in Espacio Trapézio. In addition, they had an important presentation and speeech at Matadero Madrid, in the event We Traders. The subject of the intervention was Economics Lessons from Finland, where Mustarinda presented as a way out of the crisis based on Keynes system (relative to theirs publication Keynes 2013). Thanks to the mediation work by THE HUG, Mustarinda visited PEC- Puesto En Construcción (at San Fernando’s market, Lavapies), Medialab Prado, Espacio Ucrania, La Casa Encendida, Plaza de la Cebada, Intermediae- Matadero… After this first residence, THE HUG is preparing a publication in relation to the cooperation and the experience of Mustarinda and the different agents that have been part of this important phase of Linkkia: Ibero-American Institute of Finland, FRAME.


Linkkia’s mediation plan is based on direct contact with institutions, cultural agents and the use of digital tools. The immersion program is linked to a web platform that will be the tool for visibility and communication of the project. It will have main function to promote the creation of a community of users that can be in different levels of professional interest and which also serve as archive online for consultation by specialists, researchers and teachers.